About Me


Welcome to my space! It means so much to me that you stopped by, and hopefully, I’ll get to see more of you around here.

My name is Adaugo, I like to be called Ada because most people never pronounce it correctly and also because calling my name in full kinda makes me feel like I’m in trouble. When I was little if my mom called me by my full name it meant I was in trouble for some crime I must have committed😂. So please, call me Ada!

I enjoy writing and telling stories. For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to tell stories that inspire and encourage my audience. At some point, I found myself struggling with that dream, the reason being that I realize that I also need a dose of inspiration and encouragement as well, don’t we all? I wondered how I could come on here and aim to inspire others when I also struggle with the same issues. 

What I’ve learned from my own experiences is that telling one’s stories and being sincere about the journey always helps not just the person sharing but someone in a similar situation. When we share our stories authentically, we give each other the courage to ‘be’ ourselves. I write these posts to me and you. So this is my space where I allow myself to rant and be vulnerable, in hopes that you embrace your story😉. It’s going to be fun I promise. 

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Oh! before I forget, here’s my very first post.

You can contact me directly by sending an email to info@adaugookafor.com