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This little piece was inspired by @heatherllove’s post on Instagram. I have a long list of things I’d want for myself, I’m very sure you do too, everyone does. I find it quite ironic that a large proportion of the things we presently complain about were once on our “I can’t wait to…” list. Initially, you must have imagined you’d be so contented and over the moon once you achieved or had those desires met. Now I’m wondering, at what point does our answered prayers go from “yaaaassssss, I made it!!!” to “I can’t deal”. When and how does the transition take place, Or could it be that we are just very insatiable, always wanting something new, easy or different whenever we get bored?

Well, I think it’s probably because we never anticipate the challenges we may encounter on the other side of our answered prayer, true, because some of them are unplanned for, and then the ones you probably felt you were prepared for, would require more than you bargained for. You know what they say, new levels, new devils. This just opened my eyes to the fact that every new phase raises the stakes for us, the bar gets higher, it requires more from us, it pushes us to be more responsible and grow. This shouldn’t scare us though, I think it just requires a mindset reset where we consciously accept the challenges of our new phase and have a good attitude about it. It also helps to know that God gives us all the grace we need to handle the new seasons in our lives.

Remember to count your blessings, not your challenges. The moment we magnify the difficulties, we overlook our blessings/answered prayers and call them burdens instead. It’s never easy, but we are going to be just fine. Hang in there!

P.S Your so called burdens are on someone’s “I can’t wait” list. Take responsibility and Be thankful!


  • Jo Ann

    Very true. Our thoughts become our circumstances. Good and grateful thoughts give us the strength to push through each day while counting our blessings as they come. Negative thoughts just do the opposite.

  • Ireju

    I think what I and most of us fail to realize is that answered prayers cost something, most times we are only prepared for the blessings our answered prayers cost. Thank you Ada for sharing so beautifully.

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