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  • Adaugo Okafor

    Trip to Riga

    Who else enjoys going on road trips? I don’t know if I’m weird but I would pick a road trip over flying, as long as I don’t spend the whole day on the…

  • Inspiration,  LifeStyle


    So lately I’ve been participating in this immersive activation program organized by an awesome coach called DDK (apparently, that’s a shorter version of her very long name😁) and it’s been super helpful and…

  • LifeStyle

    Packed bags!

    Hiiiii, it’s me again. So a little life update, yours truly just moved to Europe to explore a new job opportunity. I still can’t believe this is happening, it feels surreal. It feels…

  • LifeStyle


    So last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend a TEDx event in Port Harcourt, it was my first time attending and I was surprised to find out that this was the third…