Letters to inspire you and me💕

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    One day at a time

    Hey there, it’s been two weeks since I last wrote to you. Well, it’s been busy for me, not a good excuse, I know, I’ll do better!🙈 but I’m here now….sooooo, yay!! I’ll…

  • Inspiration,  LifeStyle


    So lately I’ve been participating in this immersive activation program organized by an awesome coach called DDK (apparently, that’s a shorter version of her very long name😁) and it’s been super helpful and…

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    All for one

    I remember an incident that happened to me late last year. One of those Monday mornings when one has to wake up extra early to beat traffic, we all know how gangster Monday…

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    Good job!

    Heyyyyyy you. I wanted to talk to you about some random thought that just sprung up in my head three days ago. This isn’t the post I planned to share with you today.…

  • Adaugo Okafor

    Hello, impostor!

    Yes you, I am referring to you. Okay, maybe not you but if you’ve ever felt like you don’t belong or you’re at the wrong place or you’re not qualified for the role,…

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    Next Big thing

    I remember one time my colleagues at work were having a discussion about the just-released Samsung phone, they were so excited about the new device and were already making plans to save up…