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  • Random rants

    Lagos Diaries II

    Psssst…lean in closer, lemme whisper a quick advice, you see that tiny voice in your head that tells you to sleep a little bit more even after the alarm has gone off, yea,…

  • Random rants

    Lagos Diaries

    Welcome to Lagos, the land flowing with parfait and debonair pizza,😊 the fast-paced city reeking of opportunities and over-population. At first when I relocated to Lagos, I constantly complained about the danfo(bus) drivers…

  • Random rants


    So I just want to babble a little bit about Christmas😉.  The dry air, the early morning cool breeze and the fog that accompanies the harmattan season. I call it … “Christmas whispers”. I’m…

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    Letter to him!

    So it’s about that time, so much fuss about the 14th, people plan special stuff for their better half. What are your plans fam? Lol! Well, I hope we spread the love to…

  • Random rants

    The Zuma Visit

    So I recently saw the above photo on a channel on BBM with the caption “Issa madman” and I could not stop laughing. Gosh! I love Nigerians and their sense of humor, see…