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So I just want to babble a little bit about Christmas😉.  The dry air, the early morning cool breeze, and the fog that accompanies the harmattan season. I call it … “Christmas whispers”. I’m still yet to see harmattan in its full form, it even rained heavily this morning, please come sweet harmattan, this is your time, we miss you! 

Most people talk about how much they loved the season as kids and how they’ve outgrown the feeling. Are you still as excited as you used to be or never been, never was?😀 What memories do you have?

I remember when I was younger, growing up in a house full of people who loved to sing (more like making noise and disturb the neighbors😉), at nights we would bring out our hymn books and sing Christmas songs and everyone will be trying to show acapella skills (lol, growing up sure ruins everything), those were the days, fam! Don’t even get me started on the colored fancy glasses, dresses, matching bags, and shoes😄, all part of the Christmas package, in fact, if you didn’t get any one of those, the season wouldn’t be complete, that may just be a sign that you’ve been a naughty child. The only thing I never really liked and still do not like are the “knockouts” and bangers. If you want to scare me away just try blasting that thing next to me, cos I’ll disappear, for real🙈🙉. Good days!

Those days are gone, sigh!, now we have to be responsible adults(whatever that means), but there’s still a lot to look forward to, ranging from the holidays(no school!, yay!! and work break, I hope), shopping, Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, traveling(one of my hobbies),  family reunions, get-togethers, Christmas carols, end-of-year parties and food (which I love, by the way😉). How on earth did I forget the beautiful decors❤️😍? Come on, what’s not to love about Christmas. What does Christmas mean to you, what are your plans?

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  • Mebi

    I always have a serious feeling of anticipation, like something is going to happen throughout the festive period. it doesn’t go away till am back to school or realise that there’s a deadline I need to meetup with. Maybe this year I’ll try to dig deep and find out what I really look forward to during Christmas. So I can say I’ve had some weird Christmases in the past…😊

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