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Hello, impostor!

Yes you, I am referring to you. Okay, maybe not you but if you’ve ever felt like you don’t belong or you’re at the wrong place or you’re not qualified for the role, then this is probably for you.

Sooo I just came across this article on Forbes that addresses Impostor Syndrome, I just knew I had to share with you, yes, I’m nice like that plus you’re my person.😉 Go have a look, I promise it’s a very good read! Thank me later! Here it is 👉👉👉 Forbes Article, read me!

What I found really encouraging from the article is the fact that really amazing people have felt like an impostor at some point in their careers. A relief right? Impostor syndrome happens to the best of us, so it’s okay that you feel that way. It’s okay that you feel like you don’t know enough, or that you’re not qualified enough, or that you’re going to mess everything up, lol, that’s me fam! but I honestly hope that these feelings do not make us feel powerless but instead pushes us to go the extra mile to learn and pull through. Dealing with this syndrome requires an attitude reset, as said in the Forbes article, we should learn from our failures and OWN our successes. I want to loud this part more and even to myself. We are good at beating ourselves up for failing and playing down our successes, own it biko, you earned it. Stop comparisons and stop playing it safe!

I’ll share a little story with you, I remember when I first started out at my job, I felt so out of place, like an ordinary human in the midst of superheroes. Everyone pretty much seemed like Raven, Jean and Wolverine, in my head I felt like I should probably just run away before they find out that I’m Mike Ross and I’m not exactly one of them😄. But hey! I’m still here and I know I’m better for it, I met some amazing people, made beautiful connections and learnt quite a lot. You know what else I found out in the process of simply just showing up and putting my best foot forward is that everyone is learning and working on themselves, we are all just trying to figure stuff out. So according to my friend J, let us both not let the voices in our head dictate to us what rooms we are welcome in.

Everyone says “get comfortable being uncomfortable yen yen yen yen“, while that’s very true, it requires a lot from us than just talk. The impostor/uncomfortable zone is a very vulnerable place to be. You and I, let’s make a decision to show up regardless of how challenging it seems. It can only get better, whether we win or lose, one thing is certain, we learn and come out better. Let us also keep records of our achievements, this will help us cheer ourselves on so that when those voices in our heads start speaking Swahili to us, we already have a “Not today!” response for it.

Just hang in there, We go dey alright, you will be better for it😉


  • odirajerem

    This is something I battle with everyday, not really with my job, but with making a huge career step or getting into a relationship. It’s a constant daily battle, one which I lose almost every time.
    I try to tell myself this ‘being scared is very normal, making a decision because you are scared is the abnormality’.

    Thanks for this.

    • Gloria

      It’s okay to feel that way as long as you don’t shrink back in fear. I think it kinda keeps us on our toes, we would always work on improving and doing better.

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