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So lately I’ve been participating in this immersive activation program organized by an awesome coach called DDK (apparently, that’s a shorter version of her very long name😁) and it’s been super helpful and I’ve learned a lot so far. I wanted to share one of the lessons that stood out for me.

In our fast-paced world today, there are a lot of things begging, scratch that, demanding our attention. From our phones buzzing with notifications and alerts to the unending to-do lists, jobs, appointments with people, social media, there is literally no end to this list. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed and busy. It’s so bad that you could find yourself sometimes being extremely busy but achieving nothing. It’s like constantly running from here to there and wondering what you spent the whole day doing. What if you could take out all the unnecessary things and focus solely on what’s really important and helpful to us at this particular moment?.

I’ll just jump right into it. Let’s paint a picture of you working on a desk with loads of files scattered all around the place, you’ll constantly find yourself looking for something and there’s every tendency that you’d miss out on what’s important. Compare this scenario with when you’re working on a well-organized desk, here you have an idea of where everything is, and even if you don’t, they can still be found easily, makes more sense and would definitely be more productive, right? For some people, their lives are like the messy desk and they are in a constant state of disarray. Well, It’s time to take stock and make changes.

This brings me to our focus for today “CLUTTER”

Clutter simply means to cover or fill something with an untidy collection of things. The question is what have you been filling your space with. So I’m going to be talking about digital and physical clutter, I will talk about the others in a different post😉.

Digital clutter speaks to all the unnecessary things we clog our digital devices and platform with. You have thousands of unread emails in your inbox, unending open browser tabs, you belong to a thousand and one WhatsApp groups, unnecessary apps on your phones and laptops, follow millions of people on social media, events on your calendar, this list is by no means exhaustive. Your devices are repeatedly beeping with notifications, take the baggage out! Imagine if a lot of people were clamoring and calling out for your attention at the same time, you would be super disorganized and confused. A colleague of mine once mentioned how he felt some sort of pressure whenever he gets notifications on his phone or when he opens his WhatsApp and sees tons of unread messages. You can even agree with me that you may have missed urgent messages from loved ones simply because you had so many other distractions. We are unconsciously clogging our minds with so much garbage and leaving barely enough space for what should really be a priority.

Yo! I’m on this table too, I am that girl who’s always signing up for newsletters and different stuff (especially when it’s free😂, don’t judge me), joining different groups, with this constant feeling of not wanting to miss out on any information whatsoever. Phew, you already get my point. Well, I’ve taken out the garbage, it’s about time you took out yours.

“The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t want”

Joshua Becker

Physical clutter applies to our environment becoming messy with both things we need and the other stuff we just won’t let go of. Those clothes in your wardrobe, you already know you’ll probably never wear again but they were once your favorite clothes, so you don’t want to let them go because you might lose weight and rock them again…*insert more ramblings*… come on🙄, get rid of them or better still resell them, my girl @therestylebank is the plug. Oh and that expired stuff in your pantry, refrigerator, and all those places you keep stuff, yea you know where you hide them and yes I’m judging you…get rid of them. Clean out your cars, rooms, and wardrobes – everything😂 I don’t know about you, I feel like having all these random unnecessary things in my face can be very distracting. For example, if I were to sit on my desk to write, then see something that’s not well placed, I would not be able to go forward until it’s properly placed, in a bid to keep it properly, I’ll get carried away with some other stuff and may never get back to what I planned to do initially. I like things being organized, it makes more sense to me that way. A lot of people are of the school of thought that people who work very well in messy environments are geniuses. Well, I think it’s possible to work in such environments but I wonder how productive a person would be in such space.

There’s something about decluttering and taking out unnecessary things, it’s like making room for newer or better things. I’m sure you already know what to do. I’ll just repeat it, yea I’m cool like that, plus I like you😂, yes I do! Sooooo clear your mail inbox, unsubscribe from needless newsletters, close all those browser tabs(I’m still struggling with this🙈), put your files in folders, uninstall apps you have no need for!, clean out everything (unnecessary things) that occupies space, clean, clean, get rid off them, make room! I’m sorry I’m sounding like your grandma today😂. It’s for a good cause, we need to make room for better! Oh, you’re welcome.

Talk again soon, 💕💕


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