Leaving the comfort zone

I recently read a story in an article by Joyce Meyer on how eaglets learn to fly. It was fascinating. Mummy Eagle comes home one day and decides it’s time for her little ones to learn to fly. She removes the toys, all that makes her chicks comfortable, and pushes them out. The chick is frightened and in shock, she is not sure what to do, the next thing, she instinctively stretches the wings she never knew she had, the plunge becomes a fall, then a gentle rise. I know right, that’s some tough love. It’s in that split second that she realizes who she is and what she’s meant to be.1

It would be sad if she was never pushed to try. Just imagine an eagle with so much potential, sitting in her nest all day long, she’d die hungry and unfulfilled. Tragic.

Ever found yourself at a place that requires you to give more, be more, or really stretch more than you’d ordinarily go?. I’m curious as to how you handle such situations. Maybe you happen to be one of those people that face their challenges head-on…..but if you’re anything like me, haha I’d always want to run as fast as I can and return to my safe place; but the thing about comfort is.. that’s all you’re going to get…comfort…no growth…no exposure…no adventure…nothing!

This thing called comfort zone is very relative. It’s not just being afraid to move into new situations, It’s possible to be in a position that could push and challenge you and still be playing it safe. Sometimes it’s not even comfortable, but rather it’s easy and convenient. Well, I’ve found that pushing and going the extra mile requires a conscious effort every single time because it is so easy to settle and become complacent.

I remember one time I had the opportunity of taking a certification exam, for no cost at all. I told myself all the reasons why I should not, how unprepared I felt, how I was going to fail beautifully. In fact, I pictured I’d be the only one to fail in my class, lol. Now, the irony is, of all the people I met on the day of the exam, I was the only one who passed. Imagine if I didn’t give it a shot…

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the side of fear

-George Adair

FEAR, the reason for all the excuses we make. It’s okay to be afraid but not okay to let it stop you. It’s like a board meeting, you are the Chairperson and all those little voices in your head are the board members. It gets noisy when they are all talking at the same time and trying to convince you concerning a particular decision you have to make,  but you have to shut them down and make them listen to you, cos yea you’re the boss.

I am saying this, not because I have it all together but because I want to always remind myself that FEAR should not be the reason for me to stop pushing or give excuses, in fact, it’s the more reason I should go the extra mile. I know that every single human on earth yearns to be more and not live a merely get by life, it’s innate in every one of us. Someone said the only way to grow is to get comfortable being uncomfortable. That’s true but then Y’all know talk really is cheap! It’s going to take a conscious effort every time you are at the “to push or to relax” cross-road.

From the song by Lee Ann Womack “I hope you dance”, she said “Never settle for the path of least resistance”

I hope we both choose to push!

  1. Higgins, Scott. “Teaching Eaglets to fly.” /storiesforpreaching.com/teaching-eaglets-to-fly/


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