Letters to me and you❤

I’ve definitely missed writing. I haven’t written in a while, partly because life has been very busy and also because I felt I didn’t have anything to talk about, it makes more sense to blog about things one has recommendable expertise on, right? Yes and No. Stay with me, please.

The other morning I woke up to a notification about a new comment on an old post I had written, the commenter described himself/herself as being fortunate to have stumbled on my blog. In my head, I’m like – yo! don’t play with me. But then I read through the post(the one commented on), it didn’t feel like I wrote it, it seemed more like something someone else had written, I needed to hear those words, they spoke to me. Then it hit me, in as much as I like and appreciate the fact that you read my posts, I realize that I write these things to myself too. These are things I can relate to and would be relevant to people who can relate to them too. This changed my perspective, these are letters to myself and to you. There are things that we experience and we continually have to learn from. So writing about such things would be like reminders and pointers to the person we have been or the person we used to be. We might get to some level of mastery or maybe not, but it’s going to be part of our story.

I remember the first time I ever fried plantain, it was a hot mess. I had seen my mom fry it a lot, I wanted to try it out myself, guess what I did, I sprinkled salt on the plantain after slicing and also into the hot oil, well, apart from the fact that it was slightly burnt and very salty, it was okay, cos I’m alive to tell the story. My mom made me finish it all by myself. I can actually talk and laugh about this now because it’s in the past and because I am an expert at frying plantains now😂, but it’s all part of my story.

You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.

Jodi Picoult

So this is a little reminder to you and me, that it’s okay to have no clue but just eager and willing enough to put in the work to be better. Someone once said you don’t have to be the best in the room, just have potential and a desire to roll up your sleeves. It’s okay to fail or lose sometimes, no, the world doesn’t end, it’s just part of the story, definitely not the end of the story. I’ve always wanted to tell stories and encourage people, but then those voices in my head creep up with words like “what if you fail, that would be tragic”, I would be terrified and pull back at the thought, but now I have a response – it would be part of my story. That doesn’t take away the fear but now I can confront it. Yea, It’s okay to have a small tiny voice like mine😂 or a very thick one, it’s okay to be a slow or fast talker, it’s okay to be introverted or not, it’s okay to be you! Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. It can only get better.

Remember, the comment I mentioned earlier, I suspect it was spam, might be wrong. Whatever it was, I’m actually thankful for it. It brought me back here, to you. Here’s the post by the way.

So I’m making a pact, to be present and share more stories here with you. I am not disappearing anymore, not any time soon, we are going to have so much fun together😉, just don’t go MIA on me either. Please subscribe to the blog too, that would make me so happy. Love and Light❤❤


  • David Effiong

    Waoo…. Thank you for sharing this Ada… It really resonated with me because I also stopped writing because I thought it didn’t matter and partly because I felt I had nothing to write about. After reading your post, I opened my WordPress app and I got an anniversary notification 🤭 … Well, I feel inspired. Thank you. Happy Birthday 😘

  • Benedict

    Happy Birthday 🎂🎉 Ada, I am encouraged to see that you write and you encourage with your experiences and you are bold. courage doesn’t mean the lack of fear, but it means doing it Afraid anyways and having a resolute mindset. Thanks for this, I will push on and have a positive mindset every hour and second of the day, and try to always Understand that I can’t undo my past but I can make positive steps today to have a glorious future.
    Thank you for Inspiring me Ada Bekee!

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