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Letter to my future husband

So it’s about that time, so much fuss about the 14th, people plan special stuff for their better half. What are your plans fam? Lol! Well, I hope we spread the love to the needy, helpless, and our own loved ones; even if it’s a word of encouragement or a smile or hug, the point is to make someone feel loved. Remember, people may forget what you did for them but they’ll never forget how you made them feel. Anyways, here’s a special letter from my beautiful friend, Jessica aka Ireju. I hope you enjoy reading this.  Here goes…………


As Valentine’s day approaches, I find myself single once again. At this time of the year when everyone is proclaiming their undying love for their significant other. I stumbled on Noble Igwe’s popular “Letter to my Future Wife” on one of my random strolls on the Internet which trended in 2011, written years before he actually married his wife and I thought I’d take a cue from him especially as I find writing therapeutic.

Dear Future Husband,

Hello from the other side, It’s me your wife. I wonder how you are doing today? I think about you and how we’ll meet and how you will understand my fears and love me for all my beautiful imperfections. My wandering mind takes me to how you look. Are you tall, dark, and handsome or a better version of my dreams? One thing I know for sure is that you are sold out to God and uncompromising in your faith.

I crave to be fully myself and not put up a persona for you. The ability to fart in your presence would be a true measure of our love. Marriage for me is a partnership, an opportunity to be fully yourself knowing that you have another person who understands the weird parts of you and accepts it. Someone who is your best friend pushes you to your full potential and brings out the best in you. I long to not just find support in you but also be there for you through the peaks and pits.

I want to be successful but I’ve realized that after all the ovation, it is more important who you come home to and who holds you down. Even on dark days, a smile, a hug, someone to laugh with through the bleakest days is medicine for the soul. Although, I like to think “I can do bad all by myself”; But it’s the simple things that reinforce the need for you in my life. Someone to laugh at my bad jokes, tag on Instagram on WestAfrikanman’s funny post, gist with, and bounce off all my crazy ideas to (trust me I have an overactive imagination). And yes I’m a hopeless romantic, so I have all these grand romantic gestures and surprises planned out in my head that I can’t execute because you are obviously still in hiding.

Can I tell you some of my quirks? because trust me I come with a lot of them and it would be unfair to live you in the dark.

  • I have conversations with myself in private.

  • I never watch TV or movies with people- yes I think that’s the one area in my life I’m selfish.

  • I can’t have my bath with hot water no matter the weather conditions (at least in Nigeria, we’ll see if this theory holds up when I visit the UK, I hear it’s really cold in winter).

  • I’m an extremely picky eater. A few items on the list include -Butter, mayonnaise, sardines, burgers, oats, custard, or any of its relatives.

  • I’m introverted or lazy depending on who you ask because I hate to go out. I am a book worm, I’ve also been termed a nerd and I’m proud to say I rock at both.

I would like our wedding to be an intimate ceremony( to be honest I’m not really fussy about my wedding), but my aunt would have a heart attack if I told her she couldn’t invite her church members and denied the opportunity to have 3 different aso-ebis. To quote The wedding party movie “You’re Nigerian, it’s actually their wedding day”, so I’m willing to let that slide as long as our first dance is to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking out loud”.

Family is very important to me and I pray you to have a great relationship with your family so you can bring those values to our relationship when we have our children.

I know that in marriage every day is not going to be hearts and flowers day so here are my personal vows to you.

I vow to always be in your corner, on your team no questions asked, to always go to war with you and not fighting against you. To always be your harshest critic and fiercest supporter(helpmeet). I vow to be what Lois Lane is to Clark Kent, what Jasmine is to Aladdin, and what Ruth is to Boaz. Even when we’re apart and I cannot hold your hand, I promise to always hold your heart. I promise to always love you, respect you as my leader and best friend. I promise on the days when I’m mad at you and I’m not speaking to you, to speak to God about you in prayers. I promise to be a great mother to our children, to always speak to the King in you, and let our love story be their favorite. This I vow today and forever.

I’m writing to you today 13th February 2018. I hope that you are OK? That you are thriving, living your dreams, walking in purpose, and becoming all of the man that God intends for you to be. I’m also on the journey to fulfilling purpose, I hope that when I meet you I would have found my best friend and we can both go home. I look forward to forever. To answer Banky W question in his song ‘Heaven’ when he asks “..if we’ll still be in love in heaven?”. There’s no falling in love in heaven but I can see us holding hands together as we walk through heavens gate in eternity.

One more thing, don’t make me wait too long! Show up already!!

Until then live, love, laugh.

Your Wife,


Happy Valentine Day everyone!!!


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