Next Big thing

I remember one time my colleagues at work were having a discussion about the just-released Samsung phone, they were so excited about the new device and were already making plans to save up and get one for themselves. It was such a big deal, fam! A couple of days later, it was the iPhone Xs, Coolguy(not his real name) talked about all the mad features and the coolness of the device, sigh if only poverty would let him afford it🤭.  The reality is, there’s going to be new stuff with improved jaw-dropping features, it’s never going to end.

The truth is there’s always some trend to keep up with and it’s quite a struggle for those who try to catch up, I am not saying it’s wrong to use cool devices, heck, I love them too. I am just saying that there’s always going to be some crazy new stuff out there and it doesn’t mean we have to chase them as our existence depends on it. Remember when Blackberry was the best thing since sliced bread, it was a big deal back then; like how can you not have a BB and think you’re normal, BBM was for the cool kids, haha, how time flies.  This goes to show that the stuff trending today may be under the rocks tomorrow giving way to a completely new gadget that everyone will be so obsessed about, which will be dumped in a few years, if not months, the cycle continues… It leaves us in the “I can’t wait to get this” mentality,  constantly trying to keep up with the current big thing.

This applies to other areas of our lives as well.

I remember when all I ever wanted was to get into the university, it almost seemed like that would make me feel on top of the world, you know🤣.  When uni happened, it brought along a whole new set of challenges and yes, priceless moments too, after a while, I couldn’t wait to go for my undergrad internship, then I couldn’t wait to graduate, I couldn’t wait to serve, Next thing, I could not wait to be done with everything else and become a working-class chic😉, like yo!! I could go on and on😁. So now I am learning to not spend the now expecting the next phase, that phase is definitely going to come, but I want to cherish the right now, the new experiences and challenges, the hilarious moments, the Lagos traffic-Homagaaaaad, it could be terrible, Gosh!; and all the other stuff I have to deal with.

This brings me to the question…How patient are you with the current season in your life, are you eagerly waiting for the next big thing so much so that you’re missing out on the right now? You are in fact the big thing, yep, you! If there was no you, you would not even know what big stuff to expect, there wouldn’t even be big stuff to expect. You have to be alive first, right?  So, you’re here, right now and that’s a big deal. Let’s not get so immersed in doing stuff that we forget to just be and live, I think that’s why we are called human beings, be! Brighten your corner of the world, laugh, love, and live!  I know for sure that I want to learn to relish and treasure the present moment. I know you’re probably not where you want to be yet, we are all on that journey, it doesn’t mean you’re behind, it’s not a competition, move at your own pace, do what you have to do, and remember to live while at it, just hang in there, you’ll be fine. Las las, we go de alright!


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