Hi there, it’s me again! I’ve got exciting news! I know you’re itching to hear, I’ll tell you, but I’m sure you must have heard about it already because I think it made the headlines. Errrr, are you ready for it? Well, here it comes… I went kayaking!!! exciting, init? I imagine you just rolled your eyes at me, come on, I am so excited, I feel like I just achieved some big feat…lol. My mum would freak out when I send her the video but it’s all good, she’ll get over it eventually😄. I was chatting with one of the people who went kayaking with us, then I asked her if it was her first time and she said it was her tenth time and I understood why it didn’t seem so exciting to her, she’s experienced it severally. Not me fam, I was over the moon unable to keep my new experience to myself.

Anyway, this experience taught me something about my faith and that’s what I’d like to share with you today. So the kayak was a 2-passenger type, which means I had a kayak partner, I hate to say this but I need to take a minute to appreciate my kayak partner (let’s call him ‘he who must not be named’ but for the purpose of this post, we would call him Zedd😂) because he seemed to know what to do at every point when we encountered an obstacle or got stuck somewhere, y’all know that if it was just your girl, I’d probably be telling a different story right now😂. But hey! baby steps, right?

During the ride, one song kept coming to my mind. I’m sure your guess would be the nursery rhyme “row, row your boat, gently down the stream …”, far from it. You know the song “Oceans” by Hillsong, yes that’s the one. That’s the reason behind the title of this post, wait, what were you thinking, that I went kayaking in an ocean, Nah fam! I like that you have such confidence in me but that’s not remotely possible and even if it was, I wouldn’t even attempt to, because I still love eating oha soup, haha.

See, I know it’s hard to believe but I can be stubborn sometimes – when I want to be, especially when I don’t agree with you. There’s something about unfamiliar places that makes you a lot more gentle and attentive than you would ordinarily be. When we were on the water, I became very humble and obedient. You see lakes, rivers or any body of water at all is unfamiliar territory for me, did I mention that I don’t exactly know how to swim, so you can imagine how calm I was on the trip. I was of good behavior, I did whatever Zedd asked me to do because what else can I possibly do, in fact some times I would be confused as to what to do next and I would shout out ‘Hey, what do you need me to do?’, his response would either be – ‘paddle left’, ‘paddle right’ or ‘rest, rest, don’t do anything – I’ve got it under control’. The funny thing is this, some of the times when he would tell me to rest, I would still find myself paddling because I was terrified and wouldn’t know how to just be still in the face of the protruding tree branch in front of me. Truth is none of the things I was doing out of fear was helping the situation, lol. One key thing I learned is that it makes more sense for you and your kayak partner to be in sync and paddle the same direction, so yea, it requires one being a team player. If you’re not in sync, your effort cancels the other person’s effort. Whew, It was an exciting experience😅

‘Oceans’, the song I mentioned made more sense to me while I was on the water. I felt like I could relate to being in an ocean and not having a single clue as to what to do next. You could look up the lyrics when you can. This taught me that when we are on dry land(good, comfortable or familiar places), we tend to do things our own way, these are the seasons where we can see our environment and know where to or not to place our feet and seemingly have everything under control, in those seasons, we barely trust God enough, we would often resort to our own power and abilities, doing things because we can. I now see why God leads us to the waters (new and unfamiliar seasons) because it’s in these places where we are the most vulnerable and we realize that we would fail if we tried to move forward in our strength. It’s in such places that we learn how to rely, trust, and completely depend on him – it’s in these seasons that we learn to look up to him as our source of help. It’s in such seasons that we get to know and trust him a lot more.

This is a little note to you and me, God is reliable, he can be trusted and he actually never fails. If you’re struggling with anything now, it’s a pointer that you need him. One of my favorite songs (I have a lot of them) is ‘God is good’ by Jonathan McReynolds. The lyrics are beautiful, you could look them up. He promised he would lead us in the right paths and he would work out everything for our good. I hope you come to trust him as I am also learning to. So in all things, God is good!

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