One day at a time

Hey there, it’s been two weeks since I last wrote to you. Well, it’s been busy for me, not a good excuse, I know, I’ll do better!🙈 but I’m here now….sooooo, yay!! I’ll tell you about the major happenings in those two weeks and what I’ve learned from it.

Storytime!😊 So I had this task from work which pretty much took up all my headspace (don’t roll your eyes yet, cos you’ll hear a lot about work on here😂). This task was a little challenging, felt like I was running round in circles and not coming up with any solutions or making much progress. I made some research, tried out different things, and still hit a wall. Damn, not a good feeling.

The last weekend was mostly centered around trying to find a solution to this problem. I think it’s demoralizing when you feel like your effort isn’t yielding any results because most times people only get to see the results and not the effort that was put into it. Simply put, result (good result) is the reward or evidence of effort, when there’s no result, it would almost seem like not much effort has been put in. That’s the place where I was, lol, it was frustrating. On Sunday of that weekend, I decided I was going to cut myself some slack, I can’t come and kee myself nau. I went downstairs, took a short walk, then came back home to Netflix and chill😂. Boy! I loved that movie, I’m not telling you the name, little hint though, it’s a romantic movie😉 (hahaha, a decent romantic movie can remove any form of frustration, ya know).

The next day, I shared my problems with a colleague and he gave some useful pointers, it didn’t solve my problem but it sure gave me another perspective. I had another approach to fixing this now, it looked like it would work, but implementing this new approach was the new issue, haha. I don’t want to drag this story on and on, but the point I want to make is – I kept asking and searching till I eventually came to a solution, phew! Thank God!

This could apply to any area of our lives. I’ve learned that sometimes the result you get doesn’t quite reflect the amount of work that’s gone into the process, this happens, but if anything, I hope this story encourages you to not throw in the towel, take a break if you can, but definitely keep pushing and showing up, regardless! There’s going to be more challenging days, but we are going to get through it stronger and better. That’s the thing about using muscles, the more you use them, the stronger they become, so keep going, you’ll be better for it.

Another thing I’d like to say is this – leverage those around you, don’t struggle with things alone, ask questions, and seek help. Some people have experienced what you’re battling with and just a little pointer could save you some series of google search sessions or days of frustration whatever the case may be. The importance of a community/tribe cannot be over-emphasized, those people who you can approach with questions or those who can offer encouragement and support, they are crucial to life’s journey. No one was ever meant to be an island. Oh and remember to be the kind of person who also supports and encourages others too, give out the kinda vibe you would want to receive.

Yo! I feel like I’ve been rambling😂 anyway, in summary, I’m saying – one day at a time and you don’t have to deal with things alone. You could talk to me, if you have no one to talk to, I’m here for you. Until, we talk again, keep shining your little light, better days are definitely ahead.

Love from yours truly💕💕


  • Ireju

    I agree with you Adaugo, it’s frustrating to put in much work without anything to show for it. But like you said, the right people in our circle make all the difference + pancakes & Johnny Drille’s music is a good pick me up. Don’t disappear on us again, we need your posts! Love and puff puff😉

  • Nwosu Blessing

    Yea,it ought to be one step at a time.
    Though, it’s practically not easy to follow on that always.Like if u work or job.

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