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Hiiiii, it’s me again. So a little life update, yours truly just moved to Europe to explore a new job opportunity. I still can’t believe this is happening, it feels surreal. It feels like I would jump out of bed and find my alarm screaming at me to leave early for work so as to beat Lagos traffic, which I haven’t missed by the way. Haha. You’re surprised, right? I know! I’ll talk more about that later on another post, so you’d want to stay tuned😉.

As exciting as traveling abroad sounds, I don’t think anyone ever talks about how stressful it is to pack up and just leave. It’s quite different if you’re traveling for a business trip, a vacation, or a short visit. But when you’re relocating for school or work, it is hard. Well, I can only speak for myself, but yea, it was crazy… or maybe it’s because I hate packing. I can tell you for free that packing was the most stressful part of relocating for me…lol.

My COVID-19 Travel Experience – At the Turkish Airport, Istanbul

I had heard stories of how people would wear like 3 or more clothing and I would laugh in disbelief, but at some point, I actually gave it a thought too. I was torn between packing all my favorite things and paying for extra baggage or packing essential things and then getting other things here. You already know which one I chose. In fact, I didn’t exactly willingly choose to leave some things behind, I was forced to. Here’s the story.

The normal baggage entitlement is 2 bags weighing 23kg each. I gave out some of my stuff, but then there was still a lot I liked and wanted to keep. I had this big box that contained my favorite dresses and clothes, believe me, when I say this box was biggggg, it was big! I didn’t even bother weighing it at home. I just made up my mind to pay the extra fare whatever it amounts to. I had another bag, this one contained foodstuff, haha. Please don’t laugh. I packed egusi, ogbono, garri, fish, crayfish, indomie, golden morn, palm oil, pepper, udara, dried vegetable leaves, beans, seasoning cubes, and a bunch of other things, because I can’t come and kee myself. Anyway, that bag was slightly above 23kg, that was what I thought😓. Now that I think of it, I actually wasn’t paying much attention sef, I just packed what I felt I needed.

When we got to the airport, my foodstuff bag weighed up to 31kg, you don’t want to know what the other bag (containing my favorite things) weighed😪. Apparently, the weight of the box alone was a lot, not to compare with what it would weigh when combined with my stuff in it, sad face. I had to buy a ghana-must-go bag for 3k in the airport, chai, there is wickedness in this world o. Then I moved things from the box to my Gucci Ghana-must-go bag, cos I mean it had to be Gucci to be that expensive abi😕. I was crying in my heart because it was evident that I’d have to part ways with some of my favorite things, if not I’d have to pay up to 60k. See ehn, when I was thinking I would pay the fare, no matter how much, I didn’t know it would be that much. Did I mention, I paid 29k for the foodstuff baggage. Tears. I had to part with some of my dresses and clothing.😭😭 Please cry with me.

See, don’t be like me, I have learned the hard way. When you’re traveling for long term, plan way ahead. I was somewhat careless because I had like a week to get things ready. My advice – buy lightweight boxes. Do not take clothes you don’t need, you know those clothes you haven’t worn in years, probably cos you still love them but you’ve outgrown them but you still plan to reduce to that size…come on, I’m giving you the face, you don’t need it. Oh and that one you’ve overworn, you’ll probably not be needing it either. One other cool thing you could do other than giving it out is reselling. There are cool platforms where you can resell fairly used clothing, and that’s some extra cool cash, I know!!! You can reach out to @therestylebank on Instagram, they are very reliable, you can thank me later.

Also, there are lots of youtube videos that give tips on how to pack efficiently, that would come in quite handy.

So that’s my little update. Talk to you again, soon. ❤❤


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