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The Zuma Visit

So I recently saw the above photo on a channel on BBM with the caption “Issa madman” and I could not stop laughing. Gosh! I love Nigerians and their sense of humor, see ehn, I will still want to come back as a Nigerian over and over (It’s crazy right, yea I know), I am proudly Nigerian, even though there are lots of heartbreaking things happening in the country that would make you want to leave and never return, but you can’t run away from who you are, right?, we are Nigerians, it all comes down to you and me, being the best we can be and representing our country in good light wherever we find ourselves.

So unto the gist for today, the visit of the South African president, Jacob Zuma, to Nigeria, Imo State precisely on Friday, the 13th  of October 2017, is no news because the story has caused an uproar in the country. This left me dumbfounded and sad really.  I still want to understand the motive behind the unveiling of a massive bronze statue of Zuma in Imo State. What do we as a people stand to gain from such an empty and pointless show-off?

From this article, the cost of the statue is around 520 million Naira equivalent to 1.4 million dollars. The Federal Government is still looking to borrow more funds to develop infrastructure and stimulate the economy, salaries of workers in some states remain unpaid and some people can barely feed, yet the Governor has the effrontery to put up such a show.  My goodness, what really is happening in this country of ours. I am not the kind to talk about politics on any platform but this is the height of insanity. According to the Premium Times, Zuma is currently battling with over 800 charges of corruption in his own country, now for a government whose major agenda has been to fight corruption, this is indeed shameful.

Below are some reactions from Nigerians on Twitter:Sniped reactions from twitter

Sniped twitter reactionsSniped reactions from twitterSniped twitter reactions

I’d love to hear from you, What are your thoughts on this? feel free to share in the comment section below. Thank you!

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  • amaka

    This is to tell the kind of leaders we elect in our country, individuals with little or no interest in the growth of the nation. God help us!

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