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Trip to Riga

Who else enjoys going on road trips? I don’t know if I’m weird but I would pick a road trip over flying, as long as I don’t spend the whole day on the road🤷‍♀️ Anyway, give me a seat right next to the window, a fully charged phone with music and I’m good to go. You know what’s even better, access to WiFi, a charging port for my phone or laptop, and extra-legroom for my long legs, yes, that’s perfect. All of these were available on the bus I boarded, so yea my road trip to Riga (the capital city of Latvia) was the best road trip ever, it took like 4hrs and 30 minutes to arrive there from Vilnius, but it didn’t matter cos I had everything I needed, I wouldn’t have been bothered if the trip was longer, yes that’s how much I enjoyed the ride. I went on this trip with my flatmates, it was short but fun!

One question please, how do you manage to book cool apartments via Airbnb? Are there some checks one could do to ensure you get exactly what you saw on the site? Yo! I had the craziest experience, I booked an apartment via Airbnb, it looked pretty decent and cheap as well. I thought I had made the best deal ever, only to show up at the place and the words I said to myself was – ‘What the hell?’ Yesss, like what the actual hell?😂 I felt like I had been played. So I had to cancel and we went to Radisson Blu Daugava Hotel instead. The latter wasn’t as cheap as the apartment but still wasn’t over the moon expensive as I had expected plus we got discounts and the experience was cool.

That night after sleeping for a bit, we stepped out to get some snacks and fruits to munch on. On our way there, we stumbled on some Cameroonians and decided to hang out for a bit at this Karaoke bar. If you know me, you would know how much I love singing, I kinda sound like Beyonce in my head😂 but y’all have hearing problems. Anyway, my flatmates were overhyping me and I don’t know how it happened but I found myself at the stage, their fault! So yea, I gave them, you know😉 I don’t know how I sounded, but common, it must have been good cos I got some new fans, I almost got a record deal😂😂

The next day was tour day. We walked around the city with this very cool tour guide and it was quite interesting hearing stories about historic figures and buildings.

At the Dome Square
Side view of the National Library – we were not let in because of COVID

Oh, and did I forget to add that I had a massage! Yo! I already feel like a boujee somebody, it was my first time getting a massage, so excuse my excitement! I’m definitely looking forward to getting another one soon😂

Finally, we stopped by at this bookshop, just to look around and I bought this really cool journal which I absolutely love. I love journals, like really cool beautiful journals, FYI – gift ideas😉 … emphasis on “beautiful”, please. I still have unused journals but I would not think twice to buy another one as long as we are attracted to each other😂.

There you have it, my first ever vacation trip, feels so unusual. Like just packing my bags and going to some random place for no reason at all but to chill and explore – it’s a fascinating activity, this is definitely the life I was made for but my account balance does not agree with me, talk about an enemy of progress! Anyways, I’ll make sure to make better vacation plans in the future, with the support of my account balance, of course!😉

Please, I’d like to hear your thoughts, what places do you dream of visiting?, what are your travel hacks? anything at all…share! Oh and subscribe to the blog too!😊❤


  • Jessica Ireju

    My dream travel destination is definitely Mykonos and Santorini in Greece…but the way my bank account is currently set up hehehehe . Loved the photos, especially the photos of the cloud.

    Ps. We all sound like Beyonce in our head lol

    Pps Eskiss ma iss like you haff plenty journals you are not using?😉 EPP a sister with one 😁

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